Facial Treatment Pack- Skin Lightening & Brightening Rose

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A powerful, effective yet completely natural blend of Nagkesar, Vetiver,  Ashwagandha, Anantmool, Manjishtha, Rose petals and Liquorice. The pack  works wonders resulting in fair and glowing skin. Nourishing herbs and  flowers help to reduce scars and dark spots revitalizing the skin. Ashwagandha  decreases inflammation, swelling and discomfort while correcting early signs of  ageing. Manjishtha brightens the complexion and also lightens post-acne  scarring. The antibacterial properties of Neem leaves act as effective treatment  for blackheads and prevents hyperpigmentation.

How to Use ?

Mix with water or Pure Rosewater (for oily skin) or with milk /yoghurt (for dry skin) to form a paste and let it soak for 2 minutes. Apply evenly on skin. Leave on until the paste has dried. Tingling may occur due to rich herbal concentration. Rinse with cold water using gentle circular strokes. Use twice a week for best results. Do not use on broken or sensitive skin.
*NOTE: tingling (slight itching) sensation is normal and may occur due to rich herbal concentration.