luxurious instant glow facial balls

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Lushveda’s signature Luxirous instant glow balls are the epitome of nutrition and indulgence. Pamper your skin with vitamin E rich almonds, Anti-oxidant flax seeds, skin lightening manjistha, Smoothening anantmool, gentle exfoliator oatmeal, cooling Vetiver and exotic scent of rose petals wrapped together with luscious shea butter. These balls with vitamin E will leave your skin looking luminous and bright instantly. It’s a cleanser & mask, which you activate with water. The balls are dense, but the moment you add water, it melts into a lush mask, which you can buff right onto your face. This is a perfect pre party facial at home with the ball containing everything just add water and you are ready to go ! 

how to use?

Simply mix one Beauty Bliss Ball with water or pure rose water until it breaks down thick and creamy and then apply it onto your face as a mask/cleanser. It will leave your skin bright, radiant hydrated and replenished.