Beach Coconut & Sea Salt Soap

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This bar is so rejuvenating as the salt and water combine, they begin to hydrolyze and the geometrical structure of salt begins to change as the positive ions of the salt envelop the water molecule’s positive ions. The result frees the biophotons stored in the sea salt creating pure hydration energy.  Soaking in such a salt bath allows this energy and more than 80 minerals to penetrate your skin to stimulate natural cell growth and regeneration. Any bio-energetic weak areas become balanced, which will activate your body’s energy flow.

Our handcrafted, natural, artisan soaps are created in small batches using the traditional cold process method. Soap bars are created using variety of rich natural oils, luxurious butters and natural plant-based sources such as flowers, nuts, and herbs. Pure extracts clean the skin deeply, refine pores, heal blemishes and control excessive oiliness without dehydrating the skin. Shea Butter polishes the skin and stimulates circulation for renewed cellular growth. Castor and Organic Coconut Oils add to the creamy lather &  keep skin moisturized and radiant.